Control System G

Gooeylight G control system for Knight 4000 and Luna 2000.

- Gooeylight G control system comes with wire harness and switch controller.

- Intelligent control switch

- Four pod connectors

- Only for Knight and Luna series.

Product Description

Wiring harness kit for Gooeylight motorcycle lights with control switch, fit for Luna and Knight series.

Gooeylight patent All-in-one smart control system will provide you easy installation and integrated control of all your lights and horns. You will have several different using experience with them. The switch controller will check the situation of your vehicles' battery voltage automatically when power on to make sure you will have a nice riding experience. Except the basic voltage checking and brightness adjusting function, the switch controller can provide you two control modes to switch the lights between any 5%-65% brightness and full intensity in seconds with your vehicles' original high beam switch when you choose to connect the high beam cable. Your lights will flash to full when you sound your horns if you choose to connect the horn cable.