Knight 5000 Light Kit

A pair of Knight 5000 auxiliary lights for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, trucks, snowmobiles and Jeeps with Gooeylight G- control system and wiring harness. Knight 5000 provides a wonderful high beam angle with 15/30/80 degree lens.

- 4x Cree XP-L2 Leds per pod.

- 45 watts consumption each.

- Working voltage 12-24V.

- 10000 Lumens per kit.

- ECE approval.

- 118 grams each.

- Pod size-35*103*36mm.

- IP67 Waterproof & Submersible.

- Built-In overvoltage protection.

- Aluminium alloy CNC machined.

- Intelligent auto working mode with smart light sensor.

- Intelligent temperature controlling keeps within 75.

- Lighting status display, rotating dimmer adjusts brightness from 0%-100%.

- Comes with G- control system,which can work with Hunter series pods together.

Product Description


Knight 5000 light kit is the full pods set with Gooeylight G- smart M controller(equipped a dimmer and a flash button) and wiring harness. Utilizing four powerful Cree XP-L2 leds per lamp creates a super bright lights to 10000 lumens per kit. With 80/30/15 degree lens, Knight has a wonderful high beam angle to provide a longer and wider beam pattern. We know you need to change your lights according to different condition, such as traffic, weather, terrain, available daylight, and the location of the sun relative to your position and direction of travel. Knight 5000 will fit all your safety demand in different situations. Kinds of mounting options will give more possibility for a wide variety of vehicles.

Gooeylight patent All-in-one smart control system will provide you easy installation and integrated control of all your lights and horns. You will have several different using experience with them.The controller will check the situation of your vehicles' battery voltage automatically when power on to make sure you will have a nice riding experience. The memory function records your lighting set of last riding to save your preparation time before riding.

With G- control system, riders can adjust the brightness from 5-100% through the dimmer and make the lights achieve 100% brightness in seconds and 100% continuous flashing or 3-time left and right lights full brightness flashing alternately and continuously through the flash button.

Of course, if you prefer to let the lights work with bikes original high beam/horn/turn signal buttons, it means lights achieve 100% brightness when you turn on your high beam and flash to full when you sound your horn, flash at the same frequency with your turn signal lights. We have the 5-pins(ACC/High beam/Horn/Left turn/Right turn) input cable as accessory for selection.

Worth to try, does not it?