Hunter 4000H Kit

A high beam light kit of Hunter family series, designed for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, trucks, Jeeps, RVs... Gooeylight Generation  control system provides you an easy installation and great lighting solution, making you a safe and more fun adventure.

- G-Hunter series DRL design

- One-piece metal housing design makes quick dissipation

- High power LED source 4000lumens per pod

- Lighting status display, rotating dimmer adjusts brightness from 0%-100%

- Intelligent auto working mode with smart light sensor

- Intelligent temperature controlling keeps within 75
- IPX7 waterproof & submersible

- ECE approval

- Various collections with Hunter Family,simple way to expand more pods.

- Working voltage 12-24V

- 40 watts consumption each

- Pod size-78*63*54mm

- Weight-180grams

Product Description

This Hunter 4000H high-beam light kit gathers two light pods, wire harness and a smart M controller (equipped with a dimmer and a flash button). Reaching 8000Lumens max to increase your visibility and awareness of your surroundings. Equipped O style multi-size mounting bracket suits 18-25mm fairings. OEM brackets can be available. The full piece high beam optic can reach over 280m at one lux.

Only need three steps, connect the wiring positive/negative lead to the bike battery, and mount the dimmer at the mirror bar end, then stick the flash button anywhere nearby. You will start an interesting and safe riding trip with Hunter lights. The Generation  controller will automatically detect the bike's battery status and provide low voltage protection. The memory function records your lighting set of last riding to save your preparation time before riding. Everything gets ready. Long press the dimmer to run the control system, then rotate the dimmer to adjust the brightness of the Hunter 4000H from 0% to 100% or press the flash button to achieve 100% brightness in seconds, long press over 0.8 seconds can achieve 100% continuous flashing, or long press over 2 seconds to flash 3 times alternately left and right at full brightness. Under the intelligent mode with smart light sensor, only DRL allowed to be turned on during the day; but there is no doubt, the lights will turn on automatically when riders cross the dark tunnels. It's really awesome, right?

If you prefer to let the Hunter lights work with bike's original high beam/horn/turn signal buttons, it means Hunter lights achieve 100% brightness when you turn on your high beam and flash to full when you sound your horn, flash at the same frequency with your turn signal lights. We have the 5-pins(ACC/High beam/Horn/Left turn/Right turn) input cable as accessory for selection.