Gooeylight Helmet&Handlebar Light Set

Gooeylight Go Pro single light set is designed to improve motorcycle / snowbike / snowmobile / bicycle rider's riding experience with several functions, modes and features. 3M sticker helmet mount, metal handle bar mount and platform mount to allow these Hunter / Knight / Luna lights to work for many applications.

- Easy installation

- 4 power supply options

- Independent controller

- 4 lighting modes

- One-piece metal housing

- GO-pro mount

- IP 67 Waterproof & Submersible

- 4 light pods options for different lumens / optic types

- Hunter 4000L/Hunter 4000H / Knight 5000 / Luna 3000 pods for selection

Standard contents in the box:

1*light head

1*3M sticker helmet go pro mount

1*L2-handlebar go pro mount

1*H-switch wire

1*2-pins input wire

1* H1-motorcycle power supply wire

Optional contents:

1*6 cells 21700 battery pack

1*Bicycle helmet go pro mount

1*H2-cigarette lighter power supply wire

1*Platform go pro mount


Product Description

Gooeylight Go Pro single light set is a comprehensive light set that you can choose any one light pod and power supply option to form your unique set. For the light pods, there are 3 lumen levels and 4 light types: Luna(3000 lumens), Hunter (4000 lumens: high beam light and low beam light) , Knight(5000 lumens).

For power supply options, the H1 motorcycle power supply wire is the standard one which connect to the motor bike's battery directly, and we have cigarette lighter power supply wire and 10.8V battery pack can be chosen.

The switch wire is connected between the light pod and power supply wire or battery pack that you can control the lighting brightness ( 10%-40%-70%-100%) through the attached switch controller. Work with the battery pack, the power indication will be green when the power is sufficient, turn red means power is below 20%, and flash in red when the power is lower than 10%, also the brightness will be locked to 10%. This Helmet mounted switch works with the H1 or H2 wire or battery pack and helmet go pro mount will provide you an perfect helmet lighting solution.

The handlebar go pro mount included is suitable for both motorcycle and bicycle handlebars, the optional platform go pro mount allows the lights to be mounted almost anywhere. The 2-pins input wire works with the handlebar mount or platform mount will provide you an perfect headlight / handlebar lighting solution. This combination will be controlled by the bike's original light buttons through the 2-pins wire which connected to the positive and negative lead of the bike's original light.

Please notice: The battery pack is not included in the standard kit, please choose the accessories according to your using situation and follow our suggestions to get better using experience.