Control System G (standard version)

This Gooeylight Generation  control system (includes control wiring and M controller) is the standard item for all Hunter series lights and Knight , Luna . The M controller has two part: a dimmer and a flash button.

- Embedded smart light sensor

- Intelligent control system

- Rotating dimmer adjusts brightness from 0%-100%

- Visual lighting status display

- Large button for easy switching

- Various installation methods

- Under voltage notice

Product Description

Gooeylight Generation  control system is easy installated, only need to connect the wiring positive/negative lead to the bike battery and mount the dimmer switch at the mirror bar end, then stick the flash button controller anywhere nearby. You will start an interesting and safe riding trip with our lights. And this dimmer controller is small, so it wont leave you any inconvenience when you riding. The M controller will automatically detect the bikes battery status and provide low voltage protection.The memory function records your lighting set of last riding to save your preparation time before riding.

The separated design of the dimmer and flash button made the control system more easier to operate. Only through the dimmer, riders can adjust the brightness from 0-100%, adjust the color temperature from 3000K to 6500K and switch over two groups lights freely, and achieve 3 types of full brightness flashing through the flash button controller : short lighting / continuous flashing / left lights and right lights 3-time flashing alternately and continuously.

Under the intelligent mode with smart light sensor, only DRL allowed to be turned on during the day; but there is no doubt, the lights will turn on automatically when riders cross the dark tunnels. What a smart control system!

If you prefer to let the lights work with bikes original high beam/horn/turn signal buttons,it means lights achieve 100% brightness when you turn on your high beam and flash to full when you sound your horn,flash at the same frequency with your turn signal lights.We have the 5-pins(ACC/High beam/Horn/Left turn/Right turn) input cable as accessory for selection.

By the way, there are several mounting brackets as options for dimmer installation, see below installation diagram for reference.