G - 1600 Front Fog Light Kit

G1600 low beam led light has the sharp demarcation below and above,it means there is no blinding to other traffic.The paving spot lighting design focus on safe and friendly riding.We sure devote a lot passion and effort on the G1600 auxiliary light optic lens,the refined lens design from our own optic factory team must be the big advantage.Small in hand size makes less weight pressure to the bike body.The G1600 fog light set can provide 3200Lumens Max with high power source led.

- Paving spot design focus on safe riding.

- Go pro mount for more installation choices.

- High power LED source 1600Lumens per pod.

- Intelligent temperature controlling keeps within 75.

-Four control methods for select.

- IP67 waterproof & submersible.

- ECE approval.

- Working voltage 9-16V.

- 20 watts consumption each.

- Pod size-36*39*50mm.

Product Description

G1600 light set consist of a pair of 1600Lumens led light heads,one power wiring harness,one turn on/off switch and mounting accessories.Easy installation to the positive and negative of the vehicle is enough.The standard G1600 dirt bike led light set includes the basic turn on/off switch which can control the two led auxiliary lights lighting with max 3200Lumens in seconds.If you want more fun with the new lights,you can try our newest wireless remote switch to adjust the brightness and realize flashing function and remote controlling.

The Go pro bracket can work with a 3M sticker mount on motorcycle helmet as a motorcycle helmet led light.You can imagine more mounting possibilities with the Go pro base.The standard brackets in the G1600 motorcycle auxiliary light kit can range from 18-32mm.

Looking forward to its performance.