G - 2500 Spot Light Kit

The G 2500 hi led light set with the professional spot optic lens,which can provide a further and brighter lighting effect.The G 2500 KTM spot light set will provide max 5000Lumens from the 2pcs high power Luminus SST-40 leds.We spend more time on crafting proper reflectors and optics than simple chasing lumen output during the development of these new off-road led lights.Even G 2500 named spot led light,but its lens also mixes enough flood lighting to be an excellent performer.

- Professional spot optic lens.

- Go pro mount for more installation possibilities.

- High power LED source 2500Lumens per lamp.

- Intelligent temperature controlling keeps within 75.

-Four control methods for select.

- IP67 waterproof & submersible.

- ECE approval.

- Working voltage 9-16V.

- 28 watts consumption each pod.

- Pod size-37*51*45mm.

Product Description

G2500 light set is composed of a pair of 2500Lumens led lightheads,one battery wiring harness,one turn on/off switch,18-25mm mounting brackets and other lighting accessories.The integrated design of the drive circuit and the control circuit at the lamp head can effectively solve the problem of irregular flickering caused by the long wire harness. Intelligent temperature control enables the led lights to work stably under different ambient temperature conditions.The easy installation of the whole lighting system reduces the maintenance frequency greatly.

Another important advantage from our lighting system is the Lin Communication Technology,which makes one controller to control multiple lamp heads easily.

We suggest the G2500 spot light set to work with G1600 fog light set,then it will provide both flood and spot lighting to meet different riding situations.One controlling system can afford four led lamps even more pods easily,this is what we do.