4X4 Hunter G4-S Light Kit

Hunter G4-S hi/lo beam integrated auxiliary light kit is the most bright and versatile among product ranges. Inheriting the design and multi-functional controllability of Hunter-family, it is a simplified but upgraded version of Hunter combo light kit. New mounting brackets and higher lumen output make it universal for both two wheels and four wheels - a wide variety of uses on motorcycles, trucks, jeeps, RVs and more! G4-S has the optimal solution, of course with ECE.

* Special control version for Jeeps.

- G-Hunter series DRL design

- Lighting status display, rotating dimmer adjusts brightness

- Battery situation testing,low voltage protection

- High power LED source 10000lumens per pod

- Color temperature adjustable

- Intelligent auto working mode with smart light sensor

- Intelligent temperature controlling keeps within 75

- IPX8 waterproof & submersible

- New vehicle special bracket (any angle adjustable)

- ECE approval

- Working voltage 10-24V

- 110 watts consumption each

- Pod size-89*87*80mm

- One-piece metal housing design makes quick dissipation

- Various collections with Hunter Family, simple way to expand more pods.

Product Description

Welcome the new member of the Hunter family.

G4-s is of Hunter 4000 H/L combo light kit origin. A simplified but upgraded version - integrating Hunter high beam light and low beam light into one light head to give you a unique patterns through one head, which also make the wires less to give a simpler connection while upgrading the protection level, into IPX8 and huge increasing its lumen output which is 10000 lumen each light pod - the brightness among our range; additionally, more versatile thanks to the new mounting brackets specialized for off-road vehicles and RVs.

G4-S gives you a complete configuration package kit - includes 2 light pods, 2 U-shape mounting brackets, 1 control wiring, 1 dimmer controller and 1 accessory pack.

If you prefer to let the lights work with vehicle's original high beam/horn/turn signal buttons, we have the 5-pins(ACC/High beam/Horn/Left turn/Right turn) input cable as accessory for selection- it means Hunter lights achieve 100% brightness when you turn on your high beam and flash to full when you sound your horn, flash at the same frequency with your turn signal lights.

Other optionally available: wireless bluetooth controller, disassembled bracket, bumper bracket, Y wire, expend cable.