A message from Gooeylight


Global Pandemic

In the last couple of months, we have seen our world change in ways that nobody could have seen coming. Citizens all over the world have seen job losses, businesses closed, events and gatherings canceled and banned. The situation is still on-going and in most areas of the world, intensifying. No one knows how long this will last and to what extent our lives will be impacted.

Importance of exercising

Self-quarantine can be boring short term, mid to long term isolation from social interaction could really do a number on your mental health. Aside from washing your hands and wear masks when in crowded areas, most of us might have overlooked the importance of physical exercises like cycling or motorcycle riding. Not only does it strengthen your immune system, while you are out on the open road and mountain trails, the chance for infection is non-existent. 30 C 60 minutes a day is all you need, so please consider giving it a go. Get the adrenaline pumping, blood flowing and maintain a healthy level of dopamine in your system.

Offer help whenever possible

This is a very difficult time for small businesses, as quarantine continue in urban areas, many of them might be forced to close, they will likely be missing payments on their establishment and possibly their residence as well, all the while still having to pay their employees. So wherever whenever applicable, please consider supporting your local businesses. The elderly is especially vulnerable during this period as well, if you are living near older folks please consider checking on them from time to time and offer help where it is most needed. We all need to do our part during this time of crisis.

Until May 1st 2020, Gooeylight is offering a 10% discount on all main products, bike lights, headlamps etc.So you can get the gear you need to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Gooeylight sincerely hope for each one of you to stay safe and healthy and we thank you for continued support.